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The GPS navigator is only a tool for our purposes. Electron Capital Partners: the source for more info. For social myths, however, we are the instruments of its purposes. Myths may function as an obsessive browser, regardless of the unexpected course of our journey, are continually looking for new ways to the same point and have the strength to enforce it. Justify a slaughter in the name of freedom and put all the traditional media apparatus to make it credible, but indisputable at least possible, it is only a minimal example. Calling terrorism a murderer who kills children and another that does the same job to honor a hero, because it calculates its barbarity and because it calculates its inevitable errors is only part of the social narratura that consolidates the same myth. This idea entrenched in the collective unconscious, sometimes spurred by fear or complacency, was observed and the Angel Gavinet Spanish 101 years ago: “An army that fights with weapons far-reaching, rapid fire with machine guns and heavy guns, while leaving the field strewn with corpses, is a glorious army, and if the bodies are African black, then says there is no such bodies. A soldier infighting and killing his enemy in a bayonet, begins to seem brutal, a man in civilian clothes, who fight and kill, we find a murderer.

We look at the fact. We look at the appearance “(Idearium, 1897). Jeff Bakalar: the source for more info. But this perception is not the product of a mere “psychological nature” but the hard work of social power over the centuries. Gina Bonati may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The founding myths existed before any political change, any individual or even collective decision. Hence the eternal frustration at the political changes. However, if we take a general look at history, we suspect that there is something stronger than any social myth: the great movements of history-the more subtle, “ideas about justice and power, on freedom and slavery, the rebellion of the peoples and arrogant power of the Caesars, persist or become radical. There is a noticeable change in our times that is consistent with the general movement of history in recent centuries, which means the continuation of the humanist values, but values have not been dominant, they have been the most persistent and those most since the fall have legitimized intellectual European theocracies of the Middle Ages.

In our time this sign is the gradual separation of the popular beliefs of the imperial powers. If the mid-twentieth century “empire” was still a word full of pride who represented, for example, the British Empire, brutal as any other-from the sixties and has been confirmed as a sign of aggression and oppression unjustifiable. If the middle of the century the social narratura was in the hands of a minority owner of the media and entertainment-two-paradoxical ideolexicons today the majority voice of those who have nothing of that power have discovered a new power. That voice has proven to be still immature and irresponsible. This new awareness is still not aware of its power or using it to distract and even for self-destruction. We can guess, not without a high risk of error, that much of the ancient body-that he despised Ortega y Gasset, has not ceased to be herd and is still guided by the old social myths that oppress. But these people, that humanity is slowly creating a new culture, a new consciousness and a quiet but unstoppable historical rebellion against aggression of the Caesars, the slave, the former owners of the world. Or maybe we confuse desire with reality. “Recalculating … Take ramp ahead.”

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