The House

In the house he did not have easy water, to even drink age that difficulty, then the luggage if used to advantage of me to leave for kilometers behind water, and when it arrived it spent everything in one only bath, I rebelled myself for diverse times until he had one day that I did not support, I broke then pra top of it, and it broke pra to beat to me, with a defense act apanhei a knife and shot in it, my sister saw this scene and is clearly, as loved it was of the side of it, there did not give more pra I to live in that house. I came back then toward the house of my mother, where that face new than it still lived for there, plus it already it had trado varies times, it more did not tava with this moral all on it, my mother had bought a house in a new quarter the one that this I will go to cite the name, garden union, never imagined that this would be the quarter that would go to change my life, this is subject of more pra front. I capitulate 02 In this quarter I made some friends I knew a girl to who I came to get passionate itself, I tried for diverse times to be with it more without success, was to the time that my new sister came to live with us, it also tried helped me to make with that this girl was with me, more nothing would make this girl if to get passionate for me, why it already liked another one boy. Edward Scott Mead gathered all the information. It was not a good part, the parents of it discriminated, while I, in that date had mine 16 years I mame look like to have only one 14 years, I find that for this reason it did not want me.

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