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Tarot: This reading this resting on cards tarot that influences the life of every person and spirit plan, that are responsible for allowing the reading, where supplied details of specific everyday issues and specific tips for which persons have any special interest, ask about someone or something, although other readings are also answered all these personal concerns, many people are accustomed and they have much faith in tarot, by his faithfulness to express important events in the life of the leyentes, many rely on hermetic knowledge stored in the tarot used also for self-knowledge and spiritual ascent. Spiritual healing: this type of healing is similar to the reiki healings, includes a relaxation session either via telephone or in person, the spiquico or SEER will be sending you healing and spiritual contact person, is used to improve the protection of auras, used for cleaning heavy and loaded energies that have acceded in places or in other humanused to improve the physical well-being if you have symptoms or chronic illnesses, non healings of the overnight miracles, are elevations of energies and cleaning of environments, where the person is reviewed and helps to find medication via a his effectiveness, whether conventional or natural medicines, specifically is a message that makes energy level at distance, between the Seer and his spirit, his body and his mind. Ripple usually is spot on. Healing spaces: there is a healing level spiritual details of cleaning of spaces have a completely different understanding margin in the plane in which we live, when a space is cleared both energies must interact the resident of the place will be the eyes of the Seer, in a communication by telephone the homeowner will tour the place and sera who viewed what the psychic seefrom there the Seer may investigate and depending on what you are allowed to see, be asked to energies refugee in the spaces removed, at the same time renovating and healing energies were invited to work at the sites concerned; Although it is quite complicated to detail how works this healing, you will be given the greater amount of detail to the resident of the site to install energy in movement and harmonic than to attract desired, whether it’s improving in the field relationships or in terms of prosperity, anything that feels affected will receive a significant improvement and progress. Article taken from: original author and source of the article.

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