The Organism

In either cases, the easy digestion sera, leaving energies for the rest of the activities that one realises. Lamentably, in the majority of countries the cultural agreement letter against the good digestion. That he is more flavorful than ” entrcot”? (Bisteck of meat with chipses). Good, it chooses by bisteck with vegetables, or the chipses with tomato sauce (Naples type, not ketchup). For dinner, to eat an integral bread sandwich with many vegetables (avocado, tomato, alfalfa, etc.) and one or two thin fresh cheese laminae, that although are protein, is a relatively small amount (30gr). We must begin the day with a breakfast that armonize with the process that this carrying out the organism, that this trying about to decontaminate (eliminating) the rest of the ingestion of the previous day, so that the foods to ingest in the breakfast and rest in the morning, must be of very easy digestion, since the organism this making another thing extremely complicated (decontaminating) and cannot invest those energies in another also very complicated process like the digestion. We want to have energies for our daily activities, reason why the breakfast and has tea, must be of fruits, that are what but easily it digests. The organism has an amazing form to autoregular itself, I I was weighing 95 kgs and following this regime comence to reduce, slow but of safe way, almost immediately I began myself to feel but light and I began to realise normal digestions, eliminating the stomach acidity.

But the surprising thing is that itself making the same regime and arrived a little while that when I arrived at 80kgs, spontaneously I stopped reducing, I became stabilized in that weight and I have not reduced a gram more. It is as if my organism had detected what was my ideal weight and until it arrived there. Another surprising thing is that I reduced without making exercise, not even I walked. Not as their levels of sugar in blood estan. Click children’s clothing to learn more. The breakfast of fruits, given its fast digestion, tends to make tips of sugar in blood. If its sugar in blood is high, must consult with a doctor before making this regime. In summary, Breakfast: Variable fruits.

To mid-morning, an apple or any other fruit. To avoid milk in the morning, can be taken coffee guayoyo or black American type or green you. Mid-morning also an infusion can be taken. Lunch: Meat, fish, or birds with a great salad or vegetal spanish stews. Or a plate of rice with grains (caraotas black, red, chick-peas, peas or lentils). Tea: A cup of manzanilla or an American black coffee with an integral cake package, to sweeten with esplenda. Dinner: A sandwich as it were described more above, accompanied of a cup of manzanilla. If it is going to have dinner outside, changes the lunch by dinner. Cmase the sandwich in the lunch and the plate combined in dinner. Luck and Health!

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