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The problem this causes is loss of time that may cause you to have been many days pressing the websites showing you accumulating money, and then you are not paid. It really is free to use these methods, so the only risk is the loss of that time, as they say now, time is gold. It is difficult to find out if a PTC will be serious, IE that will make the payments, or It will disappear at the first opportunity. There is not an exact science to detect the second group of PTCs, but we do have a series of measures or steps that can be done to check more or less if that PTC that you want to sign will be a hoax or will function properly. WAYS to check if a PTC is serious: one of these points to consider can be the following:-evidence of payment: normally the serious PTCs usually offer a page where you will find proof of payment that have been made to the users.

That way you can check that that such payments are made, so you won’t lose time. This is not entirely reliable, because many of them can pay for a while to gain the trust of thousands of users, and then stop doing it. There are also many people who put these supporting documents on their websites or blogs to demonstrate to readers that can rely on the method you are announcing them. -Another important point is to know the opinion of people interested in this topic. Many people they will write in their websites or blogs about a new PTC writing his opinion and his personal experience with it. That way you can see if there are people who have been deceived by her (not receiving payments) or if they are happy with it. It is absolutely true that if a method of this type does not meet the payments, in a short period of time there will be a lot of webmasters writing negative reviews for the same.

-Search in black lists. There are websites dedicated to collect information on the sites that do not pay. You can see long lists of them. To do this they are based on personal experiences, and experience transmitted by the readers of this page. -If you don’t trust the above, there is always the option to check it by yourself. For this you will need to press the links that offer you to to gain money, and get to the minimum you need to be able to receive the money in your account in the Bank, paypal, etc. When you get to that minimum, you can request payment and see if you get correctly or not. The only thing to what you risk in this case is to lose a little of your time. Ultimately, the PTCs can be methods that make you earn a lot of extra money if you spend time to the search for referrals so you can add an amount of money more rapidly. But as you have always said you have to bear in mind which are the ones you can trust or not, therefore I do not advise to invest any money in them until you have verified that they are totally reliable and payments made.

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