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It's time to dream, how you will spend great talks, as you will listen carefully, what remarkably sensible and attractive offers you will do. Draw this scene in his mind in detail. Secure. Remember it. Once the pull aside from preparing for negotiations and jittery – present an image "as everyone likes armored train." Reason 2. The first – recorded a positive mood can played on a visual-physical level (a natural smile, straightened his shoulders, confident look), if you were a few times. Even if this time you are desperately afraid. Facebook can provide more clarity in the matter. But if a "zero" of trying, it is very few people can only mask the unique (among the negotiators are also there, but few of them).

The second reason – representing a successful result, we will activate in the brain of ARD, the result of the acceptor. On neurons run pulses, by securing the right track, creating a recipe quick response. As a result, introducing – we attract events of interest in the future, dramatically increasing the percentage of their implementation. Before the difficult negotiations Mind simulation reduces anxiety and increases the likelihood of achieving objectives. 3 Armored reception – the machine is complicated.

Someone is sitting in the cab, someone is responsible for coal, but there is still "flazhkomahateli" and others. If there is an opportunity to enter the complex negotiations team – go team. And get out of an armored train in the area can be viewed without fear that the car immediately theft, and relax – to think, until the dialogue is partner. The presence of the team played almost always help to cope with anxiety. In an emergency, you detract from, as long as you hide the shaking hands or having trouble with the answer. One feature. If you take another person in the team – make sure he respects you. Better to take even the inexperienced, but throws at you loyal views than proactive egoist, who will attempt to grab the steering wheel in the wrong time.

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