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18? However, the servants and the guards were there, having lit a brazier, because of the cold, and they were aquentavam. Peter was in the way of them, aquentando itself also. 25? There Simo was Peter, aquentando itself. They had asked to it, therefore: Are you, porventura, one of the disciples Of it? It denied and said: I am not. 26? One of the servants of the supreme priest, relative of that one to who Peter had cut off the ear, asked: Did not see I to you in the garden with It? 27? Of new, Peter denied, and, in the same instant, the rooster sang. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 18:17 and 18, 25 the 27.

JESUS bought of the Land with its sacrifice millions, billions of souls and he does not go to know what he is transferred in each heart? How many they found that JESUS was a common man as excessively. ' ' The proper destruction, that seems to the men the term of the things, is not seno a way to reach, for the transformation, a more perfect state, because everything dies to renascer, and thing some becomes in nada' '. Allan Kardec? French professor of Arithmetic? Researcher of Astronomia and Magnestismo. THE LOOK OF JESUS Then, turning you, it fixed the eyes in Peter, and Peter if it remembered the word Mr., as he says to it: Today, to three you will deny me times, before singing the rooster. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP. 22:61. LEAVING From there Then, Peter, leaving from there, it cried bitterly. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP.

22:62. ' ' It exactly counts on me, without counting as much thing to me that it weighs to it in the heart, that it bitterness and dries up deep d' soul. It counts, in the abandoned hours more of the life, when the look, becoming vacant in around, only to delimit deserto' '.

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