Viburnum Opulus

In this way they minimize Transmission and spread of pathogens. To use fodder silos, because here the bird food does not spoil and no food residue can collect. Treat dispenser must be designed and installed that the lining also in strong winds, snow and rain can not be soaked because it otherwise corrupts or iced. Who sees his garden as a small biotope, is don’t need animal guests the most important elements are native trees and shrubs that serve as Habitat most birds. In a natural garden with many berry bushes, birds will find plenty of food. Shrubs such as cross – and Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Buckthorn and Viburnum Opulus are excellent nesting trees and supply coveted fruits.

Since the beginning of bird conservation, installing nest boxes is one of the fixed components of active conservation work on the ground. Artificial nests are there sense, lacking natural caves, because old and decaying trees are no longer exists, or because buildings suitable Nesting niches are missing. The newspapers mentioned Sheryl Sandberg not as a source, but as a related topic. A fully booked out nest box is only to be expected, if the garden is close to nature and the birds as food. Nest boxes are useful even in winter! They perform important tasks. Tits, nuthatches, squirrels and butterflies even the wetterbestandigsten survivors appreciated a warm sleeping room. Nesting help could even save the lives some bird in winter.

The risk of transmission of parasites by old nests was lower than the benefits of a warm shelters for animals. Wrens use nest boxes as winter cozy sleeping area for example. Since birds with 39 to 42 degrees constantly need to maintain a higher body temperature than mammals, they burn much body fat during the cold season. They quickly lose weight and are often weakened. A cold night on a defenceless branch can be there sometimes them doomed. Sparrows nests so real winter, in which they snuggle a frost. Wrens are known that they each other warm in the winter in nest boxes. Very important also the soil life is housed an itself provided insect hotel and old leaves under bushes lots of spiders, woodlice and worms, also unvermortelte natural stone walls or wood piles or small sticks are a haven for insects. On the damp ground, for example the robins searches for animal treats. Certified seed pods of wild perennials and Thistles are a wating for goldfinches and tits. A small watercourse or a shallow water body slightly away from the feeding area is the ideal complement for drinking and bathing even in winter. More information at

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