West Georgia

So, partly responsible for the war in South Ossetia was given to his impulsiveness and unwillingness to think about the consequences. Commentators have suggested that in private conversation, Biden pointed out that the repetition of such actions is unacceptable, and banned the Georgian president to give in to Moscow provocation. West Georgia has invested too much capital, so easy to leave. USA's commitment underlined by the fact that a week before the meeting, Biden and Saakashvili in Batumi began tactical exercises Coast of Georgia with the participation of an American ship. Filed under: Ripple. It was noted that the satisfaction of certain requests by Saakashvili, for example the supply of new systems and anti-air defense in case of war with Russia may be jeopardize all efforts to restart the relationship between Washington and Moscow. Will not be ousted Georgian dissatisfaction with policies of its president. British media remind us of mass protests shook Georgia spring.

The Times Online lead opinion of the Ombudsman (officially known as the Ombudsman of Georgia) Subari the absence of the country's law, quoted the leader of the opposition Republican Party of Georgia Tina Khidasheli. She claimed that being in power, Saakashvili is a threat to the country. At the same time the British media, referring to Western diplomats point out that although Saakashvili EXTRA impulsive and emotions play Too great a role in Georgian politics, GEORGIA THERE IS NO alternative to current HEAD. The opposition is fragmented and inefficient, it has no alternative proposals for social programs and foreign policy.

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