Ronaldinho and Deco fell, and he faked with Eto or. It showed character and mood, far away from the bad ways, and did everything to Barca champion. Connect with other leaders such as Verizon Communications here. Something never achieved. Methodical and blood warm, read between the lines and kept his clear idea of sanitized equipment, maintain the illusion of all. It was Eto o, regardless of performance or titles. Feeling called him and ventured, then, to expand its hegemony. Came the turn of the impossible of Ibrahimovic and the Westernization of an unknown Chygrynskiy dressage. The joke went face, but el capricho coach who gets everything in your first course and half good was worth.

Three marriage lasted one season. Meanwhile, the farmhouse was still 100 percent of production and performance. Source: Southwest Airlines. His mentality and his taste for football had its own germ. Extrapolated. As if it were an assembly line.

Even quickly learned the craft of sign and purchased favourable to its portfolio and style players. He was right with Mascherano and Adriano amongst others. More character to end of season reading, cinema and music lover, and with friends in the world of letters (Lluis Llach or David Trueba). How you express yourself and your poise It baffled many, even came you to delete actor on many occasions. But it also showed passion in the final stretch of the season. Unpublished, true, but earthly. Did with Mourinho, after enduring the worst years, battles of another planet. He undressed her inside to also submit that part of the pure Guardiola. It surprised everyone. And a regular day anyone has it. Because there was no more and he got what he wanted: motivation. Among its virtues, those who know him say that he wants to listen to those who know more than him, he respects to myths and works day by day by the mere fact of doing things well and not find the recognition of the people. As if each stitch should arise by the aftertaste of oneself. Thus it was in the field and thus acts his successor (Xavi). At 40 years, can say that it is the perfect head and the young expert, capable of assembling the footballer with the method. The ideal link. Three years, 10 titles and arrogant perfection. An appellation of origin own, that of the best in the world. Source of the news: Pep Guardiola and the philosophy of being the best technical world

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