What Should I Feed My Dog Or My Cat?

Here the decision should be made slightly easier you. Pets, especially dogs and cats, are becoming increasingly important for us. For many people, they are the best friend or even children replacement. Therefore, it is important that our four-legged friends is doing well. As with humans, begins health with the right diet. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Capital One. There are many different types and brands of dog and cat food. To name a few would be at this point to the example Eukanuba dog food, happy cat cat food, Orijen cat food, Royal Canin dog food and hills cat food.

Below a few more details about the different types and brands. Depending on the water content, a distinction is made between dry and moist food. As well as in human, the components of dog and cat food carbohydrates, proteins such as fats are diet. The exact composition varies depending on the animal species, breed and age of the animal. Other ingredients of dog and cat food are absorbed through food vitamins, bulk elements and trace elements that the body of animals may not even produce and that therefore need to be. Because the beloved pets nutrition is essential for their health, owners should consult about the right food for your pet.

At this point some information about a few very good dog and cat food brands. Let’s start with the dogs. First of all only animal and no vegetable proteins would be as Eukanuba used Hundefutter.Eukanuba, because dogs are ultimately descended from carnivores.All products are precisely tuned to the breed, age and the lifestyle of the dog. A more well-known brand is Royal Canin dog food. Ttierarzte, breeders and nutritionists are involved in the development of this feed. It pays off, because a Royal Canin was awarded dog food for adult dogs now for the second time by the Stiftung Warentest as “very good”. There is Orijen dog food, as well as Orijen cat food. The philosophy of this brand is to produce biologically appropriate food for dogs and cats. In other words, Orijen cat food, has a Proportion of animal protein, a low percentage of carbohydrate and grain-free. The happy cat cat food is a different food for cats. This brand sold only dry food, because it offers a wide variety of recipes, is useful for the teeth and also cheaper. Then, there are hills cat food would be to name a few. This brand offers the exact lining for every age and every race. In addition hills cat food has voted special grades on health problems of your cat, such as forage in the offer. For what kind of food for your favorite you decide – it is important that you inform yourself well. The network provides the ideal conditions for it. There is a mass of online shops, the dog and cat food have on offer. So you can’t wholly smart in peace from the local computer. Another advantage of online trading is that it offers often more attractive prices than the established stores. Contact: Zoo shop-Max, 83352 Altenmarkt Hauptstrasse 33 Germany phone: 08621 9888362

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