Who’s Smarter, The Seller Or The Buyer ?

How to buy a car auction? Almost all, with the words "contract vehicle, associate Japan. Wonderful and great country, all the new items in the auto industry are just there. Whatever the country, but to machines, they are worse than the Russian. The machines they are not looking to damage from breakage. Although to some failure, they generally do not make them broken down car, and they immediately eat into the salon and they sell a car. Its repair and send to Russia, then we'll buy it.

You expect that if the car is from Japan, it is good and it will be enough for twenty years, but unfortunately, these times were in the eighties, when the life of the engine was designed 1 million kilometers. With the arrival of Russian democracy, the Japanese knew what to produce cars with a great resource, you still buy Russian. Japanese quality was getting worse and worse, and in the 21 century, Toyota general recall Millions of cars, so that the quality of Japanese cars is poor. After buying a car in the secondary market in Japan, just need to change consumables: oil, belts, battery, stand. Approximately, Depending on the car, spend it all on about $ 1000, but will do it and you postpone the overhaul of the year for four! If you're buying on line, the car at auction, be sure to call Japan managers, and ask in detail: the oil level, the book to, tire wear, because this is objectively not write on the auction sheet.

Cars, no customs duty, the auction will cost very cheap. I have personally seen and sold Bentley, 2005 for 10 pieces of green, but with Customs, the price increases on a very large number. If you see a cheaper price on the car, make no mistake, the price for customs will be very high. If you do not have enough money for a good car, you can buy at auction the car after the accident. The price will be modest, but customs may discourage ohotku for its purchase. Where and how to buy a car depends on you. My Info hundred percent, tested bitter personal experience.

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