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Animal filmmaker turns the birth of moose calves in Sweden in retrospect was a time full of tension. Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel had set itself the target to film the complete birth of moose calves in Sweden this year. The first calves are expected in Sweden the May 5 and therefore, the successful producer of so-called Wildlife Stock Footage makes films on the way. After 18 hours the animal filmmaker arrives with one of the most beautiful regions of Sweden full equipment in Dalarna. Here he will try to achieve extremely high law. It is very rare footage never filmed on this scale and of this quality. Because the recordings for a new TV documentary will be built and the success of this documentation significantly depends on the success of these recordings, the mood of Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel is very tense and focused.

Day and night Klingebiel sits on his post. The fear, to miss the right moment, constantly in the neck. This is the question, plays with the technology, keep the batteries. A disaster is if the Cow Elk should decide to bring their calves at night or in the pouring rain on the world. Two weeks waits, watches and films the animal filmmaker Elche. The Moose calves come in an unnoticed moment or in bad light, the whole thing would be free. But as if the Cow Elk wanted to take into account the needs of the animal filmmaker, it initiates the birth after exhausting weeks of waiting in beautiful sunshine in the vicinity of the animal filmmaker. And so, unique recordings in best HD quality, which probably already 2014 admire will be televised succeed Jens Klingebiel.

Conservationalist and filmmaker Jens Klingebiel so-called Wildlife Stock Footage produced films in the first place. These are film sequences, which are used in TV movies, advertising or on Internet pages. Consequently, the Internet page by Jens Klingebiel is also. In addition, Jens Klingebiel has produced its own documentation. The latest film “Elk hunting in Sweden” shows the hunting of the great Deer in the beautiful landscape of Sweden. Films by Jens Klingebiel are also dream country Sweden and wild Europe.

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