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Conducting an exhaustive control of expenses, money is stretched enough. Investing in you invest your money in information and training, learn to be independent to take the reins of your life; The information for this is low. One of the best investments I made in Consulting was someone who not only made me a marketing job, but it taught me how to do it to me, which only I paid once for her work and not each year as in most companies, that above do not guarantee you results. Learn how to do things by yourself will give you much performance. He thinks that all this is to reap and sow the fruits in the future. Extra income if as much as you do not get the money. You will have to seek formulas that give you extra income. I give you a few ideas, but cultivates your creativity, insurance that you can think of many more ideas: there are many programs of affiliates on the internet that they’re going to let a few extra income, I’m going to recommend a very interesting one, which in addition to efficiently, manage your database will win you money, is aweber.

This is the system that I use to manage emails and send you my newsletter every week. You can also use google adsense, an excellent tool that you put google to earn money recommending to others. Get alliances with others companies, always applying the concept of win – win. In addition to benefit you, you’ll get to the other person. It creates infoproduct and courses, speaking in public I use all strategies with great success. The thing is don’t miss stop thinking on the crisis, uses these strategies and thinks other concrete make it suit your needs. Mood above the important thing as always is maintain high morale. What I do to maintain high morale is being aware of what I have already, now at this time.

I focus on the good things I have now. I’ll help: we are accustomed to a standard of living, but think that if you have to eat, a bed to sleep, a closet with clothes to get dressed (albeit not fashionable), and are reading this article (you know read) already belong to a minority privileged in this world. Be aware of this, should make you already lift the mood. Ask yourself this time as an opportunity that will make you grow, develop and train your creativity, and until this crisis pass, you you’ve eaten worldwide. Believe me that when you propose something, look at your goals and enjoy the road, you get everything you want. Follow these four directions and the major obstacle of money no longer neither large nor will be obstacle anymore.

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