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I cite of the time because this agreement was firming in the last days of the government Squid, probably in the last week of December of 2010. It is a shame for the Brazilian people and in special for half agricultural if to submit to the international ditames, a time that in remaining this shameful state and of sovereignty lack, we will be passing one certified of incompetence and in subordinating what well to understand the GREEPACE that in turn, disfaradamente represents interests of international companies who if had molded to its way to act and to pressure. To the agricultural producers, it is known that he is not correct and nor ecological to open new agricultural borders, under the excuse that we need to produce not to deliver. At Ann Maynard Gray you will find additional information. Already we were you deliver. To the agricultural producers, it is known that she is not necessary to knock down nor one hectare of the open pasture, the Amazonian forest, caatinga and nor of what remains of the littoral band of forest to increase the productivity and not it production. Technologies of tip are to the disposal of the farming productive way. We are dominating of increasing and respectful form before the international scene the manipulation of the Organisms Genetically Modified, that already we dominate some Genomes, that already we produce plants resistant to attacks of virus, fungos and bacteria, that our system of plantation direct is one of good of world, that our agriculture of precision is reality, that the System Farming-Cattle Integration has given resulted fantastic, that the sucro-alcooleiro sector is growing visibly, before new varieties that present high degree of sacarose and resistance to the illnesses of the sugar sugar cane. Scott Mead helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To dictate where and as to plant soy of shameful form and if kneel of form coward with it made the coordinator of the Work group of Soja (GTS) Pablo Adario, before of the GREEPACE is to abdicate of all the freedom until then conquered by the agricultural productive sector.

We are not more in the years of lead, when the Bank of Brazil through the CTRIN, dictated the politics of the wheat plantation, in accordance with the foreign interests. Brazil conquered to the hard penalties its farming borders, faces some internal enemies namely: MST, FRONT CAMPESINA, PASTORAL OF the LAND and now increased of the MAP, ABAG, GTS and the external GREENPACE and the barriers customs. Or the agricultural producers take an attitude in relation to its right and duty of planting as the rational ditames indicated by the EMBRAPA and other agencies of research to be firmed in the international scene of respectful and responsible form or then will be subjecting its properties and its productions what covardemente the MAP, ABAG, GTS and GREENPACE to thread them throat abaixo. For the time being the ABIEC were not bent over, but is not far from such happens. Still it remains an exit: TO EXERT OUR RIGHTS OF SOVEREIGNTY. Medical Veterinarian Romo Miranda Vidal.

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