According to KNAPIK (2008), the management of people with support of leaders can line up an action plan to perfect the results that the company and its collaborators are waiting. He can yourself be stimulated and be developed the enthusiasm and the motivation by means of action as: * programs stop to develop abilities; * programs of development of mannering aspects, as interpersonal relationship, exchange of feedback, work in team, etc. * I stimulate to the inventividade and the creativity in the work; * program of development of enthusiastic leaders and formadores of teams of high performance; * creation of the culture of recognition and valuation of each collaborator, as to premiar a good performance, to commemorate anniversaries, to value the initiatives etc.; * sensitization for a organizacional with well drawn processes, but flexible structure, without bureaucracy; * development of a career plan that propitiates a perspective of future to the collaborator; * adoption of relaxed programs that promote the socialization, as parties of Christmas, day of the woman, championships of soccer, etc. Under most conditions Financial Asset Management Corporation would agree. * to create challenges – to each year, 25% of the work must be newness; * not to punish the people who run risks, therefore they bring innovations; * the hierarchies in the organizations must be diminished, increasing the visibility of the collaborator; * to specify the real objectives of the work, being established tasks peripheral central offices and evaluating the performance in each one of them; * to stimulate the healthful competitiveness in the work teams; * to fire for reason of not waited performance of the activities; These are alone some of the suggestions that will be presented in the article. Private formulas do not exist and nor ' ' prescriptions of bolo' ' , however we can identify some forms that influence in the motivation. Conclusion Exists some ways to motivate the people, but what we cannot forget it is of that the organizacional environment, the politics, the values of the company, the abilities of the collaborators make of the management of people a situacional, changeable and flexible process, having that to adapt itself to new with agility and the dynamism. Follow others, such as Foundation for Financial Planning, and add to your knowledge base.

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