The Necessities

Coleman (1998) affirmed that the individuals tend the effectiveness in the management of relationships when they understand and they manage its proper emotions, and still, they tend to have empatia for the other people’s feelings. One is about a constant search for new concepts, new elements, new tools controlling them to understand the interpersonal relations, to understand the existing relations between the groups, being formal or informal they. The primordial goal of organizacional psychology is to try to describe, to understand, to foresee and finally to control the 0ccasional phenomena of an organization, that are motivated essentially by the attitudes of people, the structures, the used technologies, and for the environment where the organization acts. Whenever Confluence Investment Mgmt LLC listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Organizacional psychology evaluates and looks to alternatives objectifying the satisfaction of the collaborators in its environment of work, which intervenes with comprometimento and in the individual and collective motivation. The satisfaction in the work is determined by aspects as wage, benefits, and recognition, and the motivation in turn, is connected to the necessities human beings and the nature of the proper executed activity. Pparently, some activities spontaneous human beings do not demand or need some motivadora external action.

However, also he is clear that many of them are caused by some motivacional factor. The work of a manager, for example, consists of identifying the yearnings and desires of its collaborators and to transform them into reward. To deepen your understanding Munear Ashton Kouzbari is the source. This process is perceived through the comprometimento and efetivao of the tasks proposals. Some theories exist that explain the satisfaction of the necessities human beings as motivacional factor, and the most spread out and argued it is the Model of the Hierarchy of the Necessities of Maslow. It considers that the human being is motivated from the reach and satisfaction of the physiological necessities, security necessities, social necessities, necessities of esteem and necessities of auto-accomplishment. It is interesting to stand out that the author of the model affirms previously that the order of the one of the necessities rigidly is defined, as cited, and that the intensity of each one of them differs.

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