ADAC Winter Tire Test

Winter tire test for 2011/12 and looking back on the last year of the timely switch from summer to winter tires is an annually recurring for car drivers challenge. Because not only the time of the Exchange wants to be planned, but also the choice of suitable tyres. To provide some assistance to motorists of the ADAC annual a large winter tyres therefore test. While many tires 185/65 R15 88 T and 225/45 R17 are tested 91 H & 94 H based on certain criteria. The mentioned criteria comprise about wear and fuel consumption, as well as driving in different conditions on the ground. The range of the tested tire is very wide.

In total, 28 tires were tested last year. They came from very different companies and countries, as well as price categories. The results of last year’s tests were a little disappointing. “Bernard Golden understands that this is vital information. In total only six tyres with the touch of cut a “good”, “very good” was at all not forgiven. Even though direct Inferences from low prices on inferior quality are not necessarily allowed before “Saving models” but be warned. Most of the cheap tyres from China simply fell through – and that in almost all categories.

In the test, two all-season tires were last year. This will enable safe passage the riders throughout the year. They are called also all weather tires because they are adapted to the different conditions. In the test at winter road conditions, both models had relatively good results. For many motorists, they could emerge as a real alternative. The results of the tests for the coming winter not yet available from currently. Nevertheless, it pays to think about the purchase of winter tires already. Certainly also the test results by 2010 could serve as a guide. The tire is rated currently available with significant price reductions on the market. The storage is merely a question of capacity until the beginning of the winter. And when the time of low temperatures and snow-covered roads then starts it’s clear advantage. Sold out test winning tires can remain a concern of the other. Oneself is optimally set up and can start calmed down in the winter. This year’s test results should be available by October. And this you should pay attention to exact. Especially with cheap imports from China, considerable defects in the braking were detected last year. When wet or icy road, this often is the ultimate reason for accidents. Therefore, you should back provide other criteria in case of doubt and invest also something more in good winter tires. Who wants to go, however, absolutely sure, which can draw as mentioned on the results of the previous year. In this case, you have the financial savings even in combination with high-quality winter tires.

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