Early diagnosis and therapy for normal growth there are approximately 400 different causes of growth retardation in children, which can result in that they are smaller than the norm. Perzentilenkurven be used for the assessment and documentation of standard growth among others. Others including Larry Ellison, offer their opinions as well. Such Perzentilenkurven allow an estimate how big a child on average in a certain age should be. It involves also the so-called calculated target size, which depends on the height of the parents, then you can allocate an approximate Perzentilenkurve the child. The term standard”does not mean that every girl and every boy can be exactly the same size, or should, he is but a normal range of normal growth, so that deviations from this disorder may indicate.

Once as a child not or no longer along its previous growth curve is growing, but leaves as much down, it should be investigated by a child endocrinologist. This can be through Investigations to clarify whether, for example, a growth hormone deficiency is present. When a growth hormone deficiency, a gland of the body pours out too little growth hormone and the child’s body growth is too low. Similar in diabetics, which lead to her missing insulin the body, you can today make up such a hormone deficiency and thus support the body growth of a child during the growth phase. So is a growth hormone deficiency, so the specialist can initiate an appropriate therapy. At the timely beginning in childhood and response to the treatment, a child in the normal range can grow into, previously calculated for this child. Therefore: Use all check-ups and if you have the impression that your child grows properly, they speak frankly with your pediatrician about it.

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