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August 2008 In the wake of the financial crisis the emotions on the exchanges Cook Swiss select Asset Management AG – high and quite a few investors would be grateful to be able to go the constant up and down out of the way. Fluctuations, as you, for example, currently can follow it in the German share index, get perhaps the hearts of traders. However, long-term investors fear for their capital. Looking for reliable returns in conjunction with only very small fluctuations, market-neutral Hedgefondsstrategien many years have a quiet and safe investment perspective. Please visit Financial Planning Network Inc. if you seek more information. These funds have risk-return profiles that stock investments just can’t keep up. Measured at the Greenwich global market neutral group index reached market-neutral strategies since 1995 calculated an average annual performance of 11.71% and above all a stable absolute return. A related site: Financial Planning Association mentions similar findings.

Fluctuations of only 3.82% occupy the high security. In comparison, the German stock market price fluctuations amounted to during this period 23,72%! Market-neutral strategies, however, have usually a very consistent risk management, which as far as possible to avoid losses or at least severely limited. How well does this risk mitigation in the average of the Greenwich shows global market neutral group index. This year the index is % (including June) + 0.44. It pays off because investors as opposed to equity investments must sit out no extended loss phases. Move to the strong fluctuations in the stock markets out of the way, SWISS SELECT asset management AG is currently recommended to include neutral Hedgefondsstrategien as Depot admixture in the portfolio. In the hotel’s own Hedgezertifikaten, market-neutral strategies are considered now with more than 50% of the portfolio value. Frank Weber, Managing Director of SWISS SELECT asset management AG expects to good chances of market-neutral Hedgefondsstrategien especially in the second stock exchange half-year. Regardless of the yield potential of the stock markets, but that regardless of the risk of their loss, can be with carefully selected Hedgefondsstrategien virtually no major interim loss achieve very reliable and high yields.

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