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When purchasing a shelf company time + effort save… ems consulting the acquisition of German stock companies offered the legal form GmbH, AG, KG or more recently UG. All ready-made companies are properly established, registered in the commercial register and have exercised no business activity. To purchase your shelf company on request, with the guarantee of a tax consultant. The share capital is fully paid up for sale, without the risk of a hidden contribution in kind. Zendesk is the source for more interesting facts. All incorporation formalities such as registration in the commercial register and the approval of the industry and Chamber of Commerce (ICC) have been made already. We provide a legally correct society that meets the stricter quality requirements in the new jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Justice.

You will receive full documentation of your supply company including opening balance sheet, financial status, bank documents (at GmbH and AG) with all original bank statements, tax returns and financial statements (for the year) on Desire, all correspondence (tax office, District Court, Bank, notary, etc.). Individual needs (E.g. 34 c Bill of trade regulations, audit report, etc.) we can satisfy you as a non-contributory. Each company has already generally a taxpayer and any stock AG in addition of a security identification number (WKN). Each shelf company has been free of obligations and still not commercially active. The acquisition of a shelf company can take place at a notary of your choice in whole Germany. Through our proven service, we will provide you a perfect start. We offer readymade companies headquartered in several German cities. These include such as Leipzig, Dresden, Stuttgart, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg.

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