Berlin Postal Museum

You look at the map to see a country where brand was released. When you read historical chronicle or encyclopedia to learn more about the event to mark the anniversary of which have created a brand. And how useful can be learned about the nature of collecting stamps with images of flora and fauna! Thus, collecting stamps contributes to popularization of history, geography, sports, arts and culture. In addition, as with any exercise that requires a systemic approach, philately promotes self-organization, raising accountability and commitment. Philately is contributing to internal development of man, can broaden my horizons, increase their knowledge about the world in which we live. Among other things, collecting stamps – a great hobby for any child age.

First, buy stamps allow you to spend more time together. Indeed, during the week it is difficult to find time for a favorite child. A joint walk at the weekend in philatelic shop or post You lift your spirits and show your child that, despite his busy schedule, you are always happy to be with him. In addition, absorbed in philately, and you and your child will have an excellent knowledge of geography and history. That only speaks in favor of collectibles. Second, as mentioned earlier, philately develops organization, discipline, responsibility, and commitment. It is not enough just to buy stamps, they should still add up to record a personal catalog and decide what brands still would like to add to the collection.

Rare or expensive copies will be an excellent gift for a beginner philatelist birthday, successfully passing exams or a great ending school year. These gifts will enhance a child's desire to study hard and diligently to perform household duties to get the reward for their labor. In addition, by themselves stamps are an excellent source of knowledge and Philately helps tie dating philatelists in the city, country and even around the world. And do not forget that, like any form of collecting historical objects, philately is a great investment. Many rare or very old stamps are valued above paintings or jewelry. Each year, auctions worldwide postage stamps are sold at prices higher than a few thousand dollars. A private collection, or part of such collections go to auction for millions of dollars. Historical fact: the collection of Philip Ferrari, confiscated by the French government from the Berlin Postal Museum, in the years 1921-1925 was sold for more than 400 thousand pounds to pay reparations to the defeated Germany. Thus, philately – a multi-layered world. This is a great hobby for all ages. This is the way to perfection to learn history, geography, art and many other sciences. This is an opportunity to establish good relations with your child, get to know many interesting people. And last but not least, philately – a successful investment, which cost from time will only increase. In conclusion, I would like to add that no matter what kind of grades you collect, how expensive brands have in your collection, philately – the art available to everyone.

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