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Polls have shown repeatedly, in several countries, in a large proportion of smokers (50% in the Uruguay), want to stop smoking, but that a very significant percentage of them, is unable to do so by itself, although some may succeed, if they receive adequate care, in services organized to stop smoking. Learn the advantages of quitting smoking stop smoking inform you multiple advantages: extends the life, prevents illnesses and hospitalizations, prevents cardiac and respiratory disability, reduces sick in bed, eliminates multiple disorders, decreases labor downtime days, represents a saving of money and is a good example for others. The smoker not only damage himself, but it indirectly makes it to his family. Hanes clothing often says this. Harms it your bad example, their illnesses, labor reduction and the premature physical disappearance. Quitting smoking, in addition to be suitable for the health is good business. At Organic Baby Clothes Market you will find additional information. Indeed, found through various surveys, that the frequency of lung cancer and overall mortality decrease among smokers who have fought to stop smoking and have it abandon the habit, and so much more, how many more years ago they stopped smoking. This was demonstrated, among others, with the work of E.C. Hammond in United States and r.

Doli and j. a. Bradford Hill. of the United Kingdom. Similar observations have been made in relation to other conditions. To quit smoking, chronic smokers immediately improve cough, the espectoracion, fatigue, bad breath and lack of taste. In addition, they move away the possibility of a disability is prolonged by respiratory or cardiac failure or a premature death by esa and other causal. Throughout comprehensive smoking cessation tobacco control programme, you must pay attention to the functioning of services which help smokers to quit or reduce smoking. Is done through of them important educational work to smokers and be alert to the general population. In them, among other things, the reasons why smokers were initiated are appreciated in the habit and the reasons which now want to quit smoking and also study and apply the best methods for quitting smoking and achieving those goals.

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