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Pro: for having your own network Marketing business don’t because having a certain more or less specific, or technical studies have experience in the sector, or live in a particular city or country, age, culture or economy. Only need a computer, a connection to the internet, would be good to have a phone, and a few euros or dollars to confront the affiliation to the company you choose and be able to cover small expenses you will have the first or second month. Against: many people confuse these facilities. What was said above doesn’t mean you should do nothing that you do not have to form, read, listen to. They think that already have done everything by the mere fact of investing the amount that has been asked in the company. The last that I intend to offend someone and please consider it as a simple example, but very wrong you have to be to think that a plumber has not formed, has not learned, perhaps you have not studied at a University, but surely you have been years as an apprentice of an expert who has taught him all the tricks and keys to be best in their profession. The fact that do not require you such studies, does not mean that you not formes in your work, therefore in the multilevel Marketing you will have to train you and learn.

Pro: The products and services of the companies of Marketing Multilevel are of exceptional quality. Why? Very simple, large companies know and have assumed that they must invest large amounts of money on advertising campaigns already that if not undertake them would go bankrupt. Any company that wants to get high income should invest in advertising. Network Marketing companies are avoided these sky-high costs because advertising is done by its partners for them, it’s that simple. That great investment therefore applied to develop, improve and investigate improvements in their products and services creating products of excellent quality in the vast majority of cases and also invested in the development, growth and knowledge of its partners since they will be those who bearing the name of the company by all countries.

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