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Municipal (municipal) pre-school educational institution "Nursery care and rehabilitation of number 24," Pinocchio, "a senior teacher Assia Akhmetovna Alisheva Continuity upbringing and educational work in a specialized preschool Protecting and promoting children's health has always been the key objectives of the kindergarten. At present, these problems sound more urgent and related to the state health of today's children. Approximately 30-40% of children, according to various sources, have some kind of allergy. With the increase in allergic diseases among children, with October 1, 1995 of da nursery 24 "Pinocchio" was converted to special kindergarten for children with early manifestations of allergic disease from 3 to 7 years. Tim McMillan is a great source of information. Municipal (municipal) pre-school educational institution and health care number 24, "Pinocchio" is attended by children from all kinds of allergies: atopic dermatitis, asthma, hay fever, urticaria, angioedema, allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, laryngitis, the various manifestations of drug and food allergies.

In 50% of children have poliallergiya, ie combination of several allergic diseases and 80% revealed concomitant somatic diseases, which are often exacerbated during allergic. According to the Charter in preschool accepts children from other children Gardens strictly towards allergist with tenure of 1 year. For medical term may be extended for 2 years. For rehabilitation and education of children in preschool, the necessary conditions. Ca-my importantly – a hypoallergenic life in groups: no carpets, pillow (feather), soft toys in the corner there is no natural animal, aquarium, those house plants that cause allergies. Organized by a strict dietary child nutrition. The kindergarten shall interrelated and mutually reinforcing two activities – improving and – educational and educational.

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