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Upon your response or reaction to the event you move on to the next event. So there movement. So a succession of events. After thinking and your thoughts create your world completely! Let’s analyze the figure, as there is a movement in our zhizni.Nizhe point in the figure event. Each event has an infinite number of consequences, depending on how you react to it, kaknego answer his action. The consequences appear orange liniyami.Vy is a blue arrow. See Figure 2.

In the end, you’re for something to come life. One event leads to another. You may find that you will like or that you will not like it. In this figure the blue line shows your progress. Then, it all depends on how you answer the next event. Your action depends on your thinking from what you usually think that you feel is true and what you believe. Everything happens according to your thinking.

Moreover, when you have a problem, and you think about ingenious solutions, all of these brilliant solutions are in line with your thinking. With the enhanced operations can be broken down into a pancake, no matter how brilliant they are super heavy and may have been, but still all be according to what you think your dominant thoughts and images to your thinking. Must constantly instill in your mind the thoughts that have a positive impact on your life. To instill in ourselves the images of success, love, kindness, prosperity, harmony, peace and happiness, then all of your choices, actions and decisions will agree to these thoughts. Thinking – this is the most important thing in life. You may not even know what mental images in your head are, but they have a particular impact on those areas of life where you experience difficulties. Keep this in mind. How this information helpful?? There is a vast truth, who sees it, he will discover the great power and answer the questions that we often ask. Analyze what you learned today and write an answer that you understood and what decisions were made. Waiting for your answers! Soon to be prodolzhenie.Podpishites Newsletter to find out about it first. If you liked the article, recommend it to friends. Sincerely, Coach Success: Ruslan Pohitun.

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