Thus causing, the loss of clientele and the necessary closing of the establishment due to the bad attendance. We will make only some simple reflections in what it refers to this problem. Which the reasons of the reception to be bad? Innumerable times are the lack of Education of the proper owner of the presumption commerce. Others are the employees of pssimo answer sheet who are contracted. Of who it is the error? Of the owner and the employee.

After all, some courses for one better attendance to the customers exist, something that both would have to be intent. To know to invest in itself, and, in its employees is advantageous. Acts of contract of attendants, waiters are pssimas, security guards, cooks etc., have the aggravating one that few ‘ empresrios’ they finish leading in consideration. That it is the representation of proper it. Yes, therefore, what it is in game, he is somebody representing. When it is not employees represent who it. Therefore, if it represents badly, it is the image of it that it will be led in account.

These slips also happen in innumerable distributions of particular and public matrix, (clinical, health ranks, among others). For example, ‘ is habit of several; profissionais’ to follow some recommendations of its superiors. What nor always it is convenient. They have are that to analyze and to think when is appropriate to act in way x or y. Individuals are not equal. Here it is the necessity to find employees whom good perception has to exert such position and, to be able to be to work with the public. Some common errors: to treat well, only those that supposedly have money or, are of its family. To judge the citizen for the appearance.

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