Cue Mixing

PFL – Pre Fader Listen you can listen to a single channel signal to regulators, and AFL – After Fader Listen – after. A number of separate panels has a function of the Cue Mixing, which allows more convenient and smooth channels to listen to with headphones. For this function allocate additional crossfader. Another feature called Cue Split allows you to divide by channel listening on headphones: in the right earpiece, for example, will go to 'master', and to the left – to listen to the selected channel. It is not something Bill O’Grady would like to discuss. Effects of expression gives the music and change it beyond recognition, called sector-effects panel. Even in low-cost consoles typically of several effects – Reverb (emulation of acoustic properties of the premises) delay (digital delay), shifter (raising or lowering the pitch). Quality built-in effects are usually enough for use in clubs, but the spectrum of effects settings, even for professional consoles is very low, otherwise have graced the console a 'forest' knobs and switches.

Much wiser to buy consoles with access to the circuit effects and connected to the chain rack, or small desktop effects. It is possible to significantly gain in as, to achieve any sound coloration, including this 'space'. Display and light Each additional LED screen, LED – this is additional information for the DJ, which greatly helps in work and warns about possible errors, so the more indicators on the console, the better. All this helps to focus in dark conditions, the club where you can not always see at what angle turn potentiometer, or what situation fader. The big plus is the presence of many remote jack for a backlight. The lamp uses a standard, such as 'Goose', these lamps are widely used by recording engineers and operators. If even with time to get used to the console and do not require constant illumination, then, including a lamp for a few seconds to change plates or drive forever to get rid of nasty errors and situations. For those who are just entering the world of DJ, hardly Is it reasonable to buy expensive consoles with multiple adjustments and effects. Over time, the number of 'bells and whistles' may have come in handy, but given the modest budget beginner dj better to focus on the principal amount of buying a player, headphones and switching. Source:

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