Peruvian University

No doubt the Peruvian university has had a remarkable growth during the second half of the s. XX until we have now been created between private and public (Limenas and the rest of the interior of the country), however really is happening, many universities do not meet current expectations, the education offered in most of them, the reality is exorbitant due to the poor quality of education that do not offer a comprehensive education for life and ensuring all development of man to social progress. Since our university actually has happened each time giving in from generation to generation, as the service is purely educational and cognitive formal, simple memorization based academic quality content that does not inspire scientific and humanistic, but based on mere legal concepts preparations that quantify the true essence of a university chair.

Although, today’s college bound academic excellence, would have the task The main constrain the student in critical positions of reflective and transformative, ie broadly to the excellence of any attitude that requires a social change. Filed under: Joseph Mathunjwa. As has been reflected in the work of the renowned Master Mariategui summit, held the university model “… purge of universities to bad teachers, who take office as a bureaucratic employment, giving way to those who are able to do so, without exception by their social, political or philosophical. ” In this way we intend to acquire an importance in our professional lives, but with real trainers for our current teaching. Meanwhile, in our country the university has reflected a divorce all light, about their education that is offered and the needs required by our embodied reality, and simply is dedicated to lay people off without an academic and professional support they really need the market before we ask ourselves what it is doing the State to invest in college education for every student to training or is that in fact little or no university authorities are interested in this problematic situation, when we see young people engaging in anything else-office-who, professionally, especially if the training led to an investment that has to recover..

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