ETF Policies From Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein life insurance companies offer life insurance with investment in ETF and optional portfolio advice on a fee basis as instrument of tax-exempt assets construction, the individual estate planning and retirement interesting design possibilities. Liechtenstein Versicherungsmakler PMS AG solutions specializes on this private insuring, equally consider what insurance and financial aspects. The PMS AG advises policyholders to individual design options of from various providers of unit-linked life insurance in Liechtenstein. Now the PMS AG offers also Liechtenstein ETF policies German investors, where the policyholder the ETF investment either itself or, optionally through a portfolio consultation through an ETF fee consultant can make. The customer uses tax and cost-moderate advantages with this innovative combination of Liechtenstein life insurance, investment in low-cost ETFs and consulting option and has the guarantee of a professional consultation in the insurance the Managing Director of PMS AG, Claus Muller and Johannes Schlattinger explain and, with regard to investment”.

Only a few insurers offer ETFs so far to choose from for a policy to the detriment of the customer. Because often known active funds, in-house funds, rough guarantee funds or Fund of funds loaded with double cost are preferred. ETFs (Exchange traded funds) are index funds with transparent composition, which can be acquired without front-end in trading. Cost-conscious investors appreciate ETFs in particular because of the low cost (from 0.1% to 0.5% per year) when compared to traditional mutual funds. Precisely because of the longer-term investment in life insurance, low cost are an important criterion for the success of the system. In addition, German investors now have the opportunity to optimize the profit opportunities and risk profile of police specialists with the help of an ETF.

Customers of PMS AG can from various XENIX balanced wealth”portfolios of the Berlin ETF specialist XENIX choose. These mixed portfolios contain ten ETF of from different suppliers and provide a stable mix of bond and equity ETFs and other investment classes. The XENIX CEO Dr. Markus Thomas advises German policyholders on a fee basis and uses this strategy portfolios for individual tuning, to review the investment risk and to secure the gains. Another advantage of the police compared to a normal investment account: during the run-time value increases and shifts are tax-free.

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