Excellent Mattress For A Good Night

A cold foam mattress offers a comfortable when choosing a sleeping, you should not scrimp and give priority to high-quality mattresses to special offers and bargains. At least we about a third of our lives sleeping, and this will not spend without reason: relax body and brain from the daily rigors in this resting phase and process the collected impressions. Without a good night’s sleep, we are more prone to disease, physical symptoms occur and our brain loses performance. A cold foam mattress offers a good mix of quality and good price. The core consists of polyurethane, plastics and resins, which are incorporated as PUR foam.

Thus the mattress core is soft and elastic and can adapt perfectly to the body, no matter what lounge position it occupies. However, this also an adequate hardness and a good space to weight ratio must be given. The hardness determines the force that must be applied, insert a foam block to 40% to be able to. This value should be therefore very low the cold foam mattress is very adaptable and offers also a high point elasticity. The density, however, should be very high. This indicates how much a cubic meters of processed material weighs. Values below 30 are to be avoided, from 40 kilograms, one speaks generally of a good processing, 50 kg represent a top value and convince by longevity without loss of comfort. The mattresses must be adapted but also the own body weight.

In this context one speaks of a degree of hardness: greater body weight, the higher you must select the hardness. With the purchase of a mattress, it is also advisable to ensure guarantee and seal of approval. A LGA (Federal Institute for trade) label is only awarded if no formaldehyde and CFCS was used in the manufacture. Often a cold foam mattress, that vacuum is packaged, is available as a special offer. This should be the finger, because this usually very long stored were. A vacuum packaging unfortunately cause a loss of quality time.

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