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Unlock codes provide security… The electronic parts catalogue TecDoc for years has developed a reliable and used by all stakeholders in the industry instrument for part identification. With the help of the parts catalogue, the value chain is starting with the suppliers, wholesale to transparent to the workshops and clearly designed. The maintenance of the catalog platform translated into 23 languages now assumed by the TecDoc informations System GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, Germany. Here, the information and data from over 300 single feeders are combined and processed. Very sensitive product and catalog information that is always on the last level are mainly. Also, TecDoc has invested tens of millions euro for the entire industry in modern database technology and practical Suchlogiken. The technical data and further details of the feeder are not only the intellectual property of the companies concerned in the industry, but also a significant value for the Users in the wholesale market and in the workshop dar.

Because only with current data material wholesale company can identify the appropriate replacement or spares. Also the workshops that use the TecDoc information for the repair of motor vehicles, rely on the technical data. Further details can be found at Sheryl Sandberg, an internet resource. TecDoc DVDs are been reproduced repeatedly in the past. This, unfortunately necessary updates were not observed or used outdated data material. To ensure safety for all users, the TecDoc informations System GmbH has decided to use so-called unlock codes. The unlock codes have been introduced very successfully in many European countries. TecDoc offers the DVDs from abroad with the unlock code for more than a year.

Each user can find the code on the packaging and can immediately enter the code after the launch of the DVD. This offers the user the security that he uses an original TECDOC, which provides reliable and up-to-date data material. The unlock codes offer a high level of safety and Reliability. For users who want to load several jobs with TecDoc DVDs, there are so-called multi user licenses. Now these jobs with secure data material can work. The TecDoc informations System GmbH believes to be able to promote the dissemination of the data material with this step. First successes abroad, that this step towards more application security is the right way. Print free of charge. Specimen copy requested. About TecDoc TecDoc informations System GmbH was founded on 20 January 1994. A total of 31 partners from the industry and the aftermarket, represented by the GVA, assist TecDoc. The primary goal of the company is to help ensure the competitiveness of the free spare parts business. TecDoc offers an electronic information system for passenger cars and commercial vehicles segment the sales agents of the free market. The availability of the technical catalogue information ensures the multi brand service in all automotive service companies. Are currently about 328 brands of the industry members in the TecDoc system. The electronic parts catalogue on DVD and Internet bundles over 2.43 million articles in 23 languages. Users can access more than 1.1 million pictures. You can thus cover over 40,000 passenger cars and more than 30,000 types of commercial vehicles. Per quarter, TecDoc reached 410,000 national and international users, of which 60 per cent in TecDoc own catalogues or realized by TecDoc trading solutions in the WebShop, and about 40 percent of commercial catalogues.

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