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All the human beings we needed certain amount fats like part of a healthful diet, the fats must provide near the 20 to 35 percent of the daily calories. Even though some fats benefit to the heart, these continue being high in calories. It is necessary to limit the portions of all the fats that we ingested throughout the day. To know as they are the types of fats and power to choose beneficial fats for the heart is the best alternative. The fats that we must choose for our diet are those foods which they contain monoinsaturate fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids, like the salmon and maize oil, nevertheless, to know in detail the content fat of each food is complicated, a good practice is to read the nutritional data in the emblems of foods preparations that we consumed. Next I detail the beneficial fat groups to you along with some examples like reference you include so that them like part of your healthful diet. Monoinsaturate fats: besides the nuts, we also have the oil of canola, oil of it trims off lower branches of, sunflower oil. Fatty acids polinsaturados with omega3 These fats help your body to work well.

If you already have a cardiac disease, these fats can protect your heart. Examples of these fats are: Seed of linen, salmon, trout, the herrings (they are a sort constituted by 15 species of fish of blue color), oil of soya, oil of canola. Fatty acids Polinsaturadas with Omega-6 These fats help your body to work well when these replace saturated fats. Among them we have the maize oil, oil of soya, Oil of crtamo (crtamo is a plant, of the family of the thistles, original of India, and that today its culture is extended by everybody.) Like towards mention at the beginning, the fats are essential in the healthful diet, our body cannot work well without them, is not to eliminate them, but rather, to know as they are most beneficial and to consume of preference these fats, limiting his ingestion by his high content of calories. Reducing to the minimum of to be possible the consumption of harmful fats for our health as they are it the saturated fats, the fats trans and the cholesterol.

You must be creative at the time of looking for the replacements adapted at the time of preparing your foods, for example you can add to a salad olive oil like dressing, or, change to a fillet of meat of pig by a salmon or a trout. The important thing is to include beneficial fats and in its suitable proportion. If it is interested in more information on tablets to become thin it visits our connection that will inform to him into effective methods to lower of weight. We recommended the following subject to him very intersante Mediterranean Diet to become thin

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