Ideas Wanted Internet? But Surely!

“Parents on the net looking for creative support the Association parents on the network e. V.” is looking for video spots and clips. Target the spots to be, targeted food for thought about potential dangers, which children and young people on the Internet can be exposed to deliver. In short and especially pointed representations especially parents and adults to should be made carefully what can happen when children and teenagers unattended and sitting too long at the computer. At the same time the video spots to alternative or ask questions.

Topics can be thereby enjoy untroubled surf, Internet and society, computer and Internet in the nursery. “The new babysitter is also critical contributions, such as the Internet” or what are the limits of privacy in the Internet “are welcome. But the Internet is not only a crime scene”full villains. In the colorful world of the media, children can have also a lot of fun and you can learn a lot. Parents must create the corresponding free space around them and help them, critical and to be careful. There are no limits to creativity in the implementation. All posts should have one in common: you should wake up! You want to show light and shadow! Interested parties can contact with your suggestions or questions to the press office by parents on the network. Contact parents to network e.

V. Andre Kind of 1 Chairman Viola Gale 2.

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