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New program for sufferers and their families for many people alcohol is a loyal companion, consolation, medicine or energy source at the same time, but also a despot who ruled it. In many cases, there is a love-hate relationship between the drinkers and the bottle. A completely new course program shows the way out of the trap of alcohol! Under the slogan “Stop with the alcohol problem”, alternative alcohol courses was offered by the Institute of practical self-help (IFPL). Add to your understanding with E Scott Mead. The correspondence courses show new ways to solve their personal problems of alcohol concerned and members “from practice for practice”. Primary goal is not abstinence, but a self-determined life without the crutch of alcohol. The course syllabus is based on personal experience in dealing with alcohol, the insight into traditional therapies and the basic knowledge gained, that alone “Do not drink” is not a solution.

The correspondence courses offer the option of going home without external compulsion intensively with his personal problem with alcohol the participants to deal with and it successfully to solve without moving and without career interruption, anonymous and one for each affordable price. There is currently no comparable program on the German market in this form. Information and registration at Institute for practical self-help (IFPL) Liese field str. 6 53505 mountain about IFPL: alone in Germany there are estimated at around 3.5 million alcoholics. Moreover, a far greater number of people, whose mental and physical Gesundheit is significantly compromised by their alcohol consumption.

Alcoholism is the addiction problem Nr. 1. The 3.5 million people in Germany, who are dependent on or abuse alcohol, less than five percent are located in treatment. The cost of a therapy are high, and be taken over by health insurance only, if classified people as sick, so if it is already dependent on. Many alcohol patients are accommodated in psychiatric hospitals and medical intensive care units. Most She left the hospital, are soon out again relapsed and revolving door patients “resumed. The few specialist hospitals and health resorts have waiting periods of up to one year and treatment times by an average of six months. Short term therapies have a very low success usually only with a long-term treatment. The visit of self-help groups is not for everyone. Also the permanent brainwashing”, as for example in meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous is offered, helps not really, because non-alcoholics are not wanted there. In addition, there are no attractive offer that provides a real alternative to conventional methods. The IFPL program shows a new way anyone can successfully solve more than just his alcohol problem in the long term at home, without any obligation, in the form of distance learning courses at a reasonable price and above all also before it’s too late. Rolf von Berg

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