Ornamental Reason

If to know the context original in which the expression was used, with its respective urgency, will find the adequate word and equivalent in the national language. Modern interpreters are unanimous in affirming that most important, in if treating to turn a text of a language for another one, she is to preserve the correct context and the communication, and the literal translation is a secondary factor. The Brazilian intellectual likes the searched carefully language, them citation, effect phrases in foreign language, even so this is not synonymous of intelligence. If he will be smart and to know to improvise, still better, after all is in the country of the malandragem. In this direction, the author says, is ' ' a people fascinated for the Ornamental Reason and in search of its more prezados arqutipos.' ' The author makes the distinction enters the terms of? originalidade? e? newness. Original is what concerns origins, to the beginning of a thought; the newness is an accident or an modification of what already it exists. Something can be new without being original.

The Brazilian wants to be cultured for knowing philosophical the quarrels European, however he is forgotten to value its proper culture. This, by itself, discloses the total submission to the foreign tradition, filiando itself frantic to the new features of it are and last ' ' ismo' ' appeared. Citing Alvaro Lins, instead of being perpetual fascinated with the foreign teses, if coming back in them toward our proper culture, we will be capable to create an original thought. From then on the recognition and the seriousness of the work will be time question. It is not intended in this work to discover or to show the way that leads to Really? current question in the Philosophy? yes to question if in Brazil is possible the initial study of a thought that has such pretension, since between-we, unhappyly, esbarramos with contrary situations to the critical attitude: ecleticism, jeitinho, the glamour for what it comes of is and the disdain of what he is ours.

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