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The owner made a valiant effort and the personnel department sent out thousands of ads, published three months of sweet advertisements in newspapers, the Internet, about the high salary, pro soc. package and a rapidly growing company that pro career, and promised all the blessings – Best Head of Sales. But were not they, and hundreds of interviews and hundreds of hours spent working time. But now, he finally appeared, he STAR HEAD OF SALES! Diamond in a pile of slag. He came from a big city, so he loves adventure, and the market just as it now will break tuzik radiators, playfully.

On Interview the owner and manager of staff listened to a story about the "NEW Vasyukov" which became the capital city of the chess world and their place in this capital of the company. This candidate was a passionate, bright, lots of familiar and unfamiliar words on the sales. The names of those who was drinking beer and honey! He caught glimpses of the familiar names of the companies suppliers. Accurately recalled his boss! He was from a company vendor! As he had held talks, just a song, and then bought a boss, a commodity! All I take if my will also communicate with customers, I'll be happy. Let them weep competitors! The truth has triumphed. No one is irreplaceable! Shook hands and agreed on a price, though it was higher than the previous one, but level! Where better! He began by saying that explored the work of sales department, for it will never get around to.

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