IPI Earth

It was a confusion, the dark on the Earth depended on an immense tree covered that it. Thus it was that the moment arrived at which Yo, the first existing Earth father, reflected to give and to end the things. This way it spoke to his IPI brother, but this one was very pcaro and everything what his older brother said, outside contradicted although its unique Earth company. The sky was covered with the dark. Yo called to its brother and said Vamos to take all the Earth fruits existing and we called to the existing animal to summon to them that we are going to knock down this immense tree called Lupuna Then all the existing animal on the Earth began to prick, to bite and to scrape the tree. All an animal multitude that already existed in the Earth was on the verge of knocking down the tree.

Nevertheless, Yoi and the IPI they surprised because they obtained not yet it. Then Yo commanded to call to the two species of squirrels that existed in the world. It ordered to raise the squirrel golosa until the end of the tree to see why it did not want to fall. The small squirrel was not able to arrive until the top of the tree, only could arrive until half. Then Yo commanded to raise the other species of squirrel, that was the trepadora squirrel.

This squirrel yes could climb until the stock of the tree and discovered the reason of the surprise of Yo and the IPI. It lowered immediately and it said to him to Yo that was mico sluggish that with the hands had stingy the sky and with the feet stingy tapeworm the glass of the tree and was why it did not want to fall. Yo commanded again to the trepadora squirrel to the top of the tree with red pepper to throw to him to mico sluggish.

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