The Sense

I have said that I do not wait for a miracle in the sense that the Venezuelan social body becomes very different other. I believe that it is enough to call it to the insurgency, there am like it been doing, one that implies the reclamation and the readopcin of the political importance. It is here where the Venezuelans must fuse themselves with the idea of the rejection like being able politician. They create not to have one or they create to be democratic activists being touched with the banal thing, without perceiving in all their magnitude the great force of the rejection. It is why I say that it is not enough to be majority, but to know so that one is. For it is necessary not to applaud to the mediocrity and to realize that the first task is not to leave the dictator, but to reactivate the force of the imagination and to be placed in a plane substitute superior. The power by ricochet will make evaporate to the dictator.

We could denominate it graphically more still, as a consolidation of desire. As to only transform that desire into a reality it can by means of a omnilateral dissemination. The common stock is irrepresible and I do not talk about to a multitude facing a deterrent forces or repressive, I talk about the constitution of a common will since here it is not about a military dictatorship but one surrounded more in ideological clothes. I speak of a capacity to melt ” valores” that they come from the absolute power. If we want to take it to the today language, the subject is in taking the virtual thing real. I have often said that the realities are constructed. What I am saying is that we must replace a capacity reactivates or refusal by a positive capacity of instituting imposition of different forms. The political power of the rejection to be effective must go away autoadecuando when not allowing that the regime selects and extinguishes the liberating impulses and imposing its reduction to him apparently imperceptible until remainder becomes.

The creative multitude has faculties which it does not have the power. The values that the multitude creates or feeds or wears away to this new totalitarian power, unpublished and of multiple handling of the repression. To clear the dominion to him of the social body and to reduce it to mere power locked up in itself, are the way. For that the multitude must free itself and then the power will enter declines indetenible. The others are strategic exercise and variant tactics on praxis of driving politician.

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