Kristyan Andolshek

TV commercial vitamin-mineral complex "Duovit for men and women Duovit" company Krka won the "Best TV Movie" at the ceremony, the National Award for capacity health and quality of life "Idea Health (Health Idea), held in Moscow on June 19, 2008. TV commercials were evaluated using the following criteria: originality of video sequence, the brightness and the accuracy of image, sound design, informational content, creativity and ethics of advertising messages. According to the advisory council of the Prize, a commercial "Duovit for men and women Duovit for" the most accurate and accessible to the consumer in the form of reflects the main benefits of vitamin and mineral complex that has been designed to meet the needs of male and female body. The idea of the script and movie – Andrew Basha, Art Director – Kristyan Andolshek; Creative Director – Vera Stankovic; Production: Advertising agency Mayer MccCann, Slovenia. The reel was specially made for the rotation in Russia and CIS countries. View movies can be at the following links: – "Duovit for women" – "Duovit Men's "Award" The idea of health "has been held for three years running, and the main objective of this professional competition – to identify the most successful professionals in the markets parapharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. Nominees in the category "Marketing Communications" also became the company's projects "Krka": a new cosmetic line Vitaskin Pharma podnominatsii "Best Design" and Duovit for men and women in Duovit podnominatsii "The best advertising campaign." Information about the company Krka: international pharmaceutical company "KRKA" is one of the leading manufacturers of generic drugs in Europe and sells its products in more than 70 countries world.

The major activities of the company is to develop, manufacture and sale of prescription drugs, drugs for self-medication, cosmetics and veterinary products. "KRKA" has 42 companies and representative offices abroad, and its presence in the pharmaceutical markets of the world strengthened by the discovery of production and distribution centers in Slovenia, Poland, Croatia and Russia. Large investments "KRKA" aims at developing own high-quality drugs, generic drugs in four major areas: treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism, and treatment of diseases of the CNS infectious diseases. For 40 years, "KRKA" supplies its products to Russia and is confident that the quality, safety and efficacy of its products will support improved health and quality of lives of Russians.

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