Livestock Environmental Crime

The use of fuels of fossil origin, along with intensive farming, has produced the content of carbon dioxide in the air is the highest since since at least 650. 000 years. A sad record. Forecasts of the climate for the next 90 years researchers outlined a doomsday scenario. Gary Kelly understands that this is vital information. The polar helmets are melting very rapidly which will originate a possible increase of the level of the sea even more than one metre; temperatures could rise by more than six degree; crop failures; drought; extinction of species and tropical diseases are some of the predictable consequences. Voices of nature protectors will becoming increasingly clearer, so 190 nations gathered in Bali to discuss how everything can stop this.

And one asks: what can do us citizens? The past 2007 was actually published a report developer, FAO, (Organization for food and Agriculture of the United Nations) It warned very clearly the relationship between the production of meat and global warming and climate change. The report notes that livestock production is one of the causes of the most pressing environmental problems in the world, such as the warming of the planet, land degradation, air pollution and water, and biodiversity loss. The report estimates that livestock are responsible for 18% of gas emissions that produce the effect greenhouse, one percentage higher than the transport. Unfortunately this report has just leaked to public opinion, however the President of the World Council for the climate, Dr. Pachauri, as a result of the presented facts has become vegetarian. An example should make anyone who cares about the future of the Earth. Related blogs these cities disappear when raising the sea level climate and time complacency has been completed Magazine Science speaks: the sea level does not rise to levels Corbacho increasingly more Berlusconi. Collective Utopia contagious warming GLOBAL change climate and the rate of the carbon researchers propose creating an Institute of language MAYA climate Iceland is heated the electoral climate in q. Roo ultimapalabra meeting of Council world engine in Bahrein Vitaly Tajbert absolute champion of the CMB Only boxing

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