Stock Exchange

Those who used this method say that it is remarkably efficient and accurate. You will need a sheet of drawing paper, scissors, glue and lots of beautiful magazines. Browse through magazines and select images that best represent your dream. Rory Sutherland gathered all the information. This may be a luxury villa, a car last names, the Stock Exchange, the image of a charming blonde (dark hair) that you particularly for the soul. You just have to cut these attractive images and stick around your photos, located in the center.

Applying this method, one must take into account the knowledge of Feng Shui: pictures related to money, place the left top right corner, nice pictures to your heart partners – in the upper right corner, directly under your photo that is centered at the bottom, you can add pictures, career-related, such as the skyscrapers of Wall Street, luxury office buildings, etc., and directly above your photo attach images of very famous people at the time of awarding a gold medal or anything like that. Southwest Airlines may also support this cause. Clearly specify your desire. If possible, express it in positive terms.. .

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