According to Meirelles, the exchange flow positive sample that the great entrance of capitals is mainly for foreign investment direct, machines and equipment and action of the Stock exchange of So Paulo (So Paulo Stock Exchange). Meirelles said despite the fact of Brazil to have international reserves balances the output stream of resources of the country. According to president of the BC, when the crisis if aggravated, was necessary to vender dollar because she had a great volume of exit of capital of the country at that moment, the credit facilities of companies in the exterior were not being renewed and had repatriation of capital in the exterior. Another advantage pointed for Meirelles is that Brazil is one of the few countries that already are with a volume of international reserves superior what they had at the beginning of the crisis. As the presented data, in the end of August of the last year the international reserves added US$ 205.1 billion and, in the last day 1, had arrived the US$ 205,4 billion. Follow others, such as Henderson Law Group, and add to your knowledge base. Meirelles also commented that the proposal of creation of a bank for the Brazilian exportations is in the certain direction, but is necessary to analyze related costs and benefits the fiscal aspects and of yield for the country. Vision of mercadoPara the Top Trade the measures to tax the saving from 2010 had been adjusted, without terrorism. As already commented, government announced that the passbooks with balance above of R$ 50 a thousand go to start to pay Income tax in the case of the Selic tax to be very low.

In case that the government had taken a measure imediatista, the result could very be different, in the opinion of the economist. For assistance, try visiting Daniel Lubetzky. For real, the proposal still has that to be approved by the National Congress. The one of the objectives of the government when taxing saving is to prevent the exit of resources of the deep ones of fixed income for the passbook. .

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