The Chest

In the other city, wife and one filhinho of to two waited it years. Isadora did not cry. Pain and the hurt were so strong that they had dried pranto. – When it will be the formation? (It only asked to certify itself because, without it knew, it dreams of this day, and the party dress waited already it in its hanger) It turns over, many and many times, entering in the theater to the side of it in direction to palco to deliver the diploma to it. Twenty and three of December. The calado in front of the theater of the city was overcrowded, men of marine black color and, women showing off itself in multiple colors and shades. Silk, casemira, varnished satin, incomes, shoes and jumps Behind the esquina, an old pink satin dress, with two roses in the shoulder, watched, heart almost to jump of the chest. It saw to arrive the white Blazer and of it went down the young colored person, boy in the col, smiles, happiness being transparent.

Andrei and the wife had directed itself for the building of given arms. As an automaton, Isadora left to walk, crossed the main street, nor looked at for the sides. A deaf crash, a body in the soil, blood around End of a love history. Gisela is a beautiful woman of thirty years.

Architect of success, has its office in the commercial center of the city. Elegant, showy, modern, she uses good clothes, expensive shoes and stock markets, dirige its imported car, independent insurance and. In this day, Gisela was to take care of to a consultation in a great construction company. e-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners!). If it closed the business, would be with resources to acquire its dreamed covering. They would be some millions more. it was confident in its ability. Many writers such as gary cohn offer more in-depth analysis. When arriving, nor it needed to wait, the recepcionista took it after that to the office of the head.

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