Modern Vision

Of – there the conception of science while the modern vision, where if it delimits an object to be studied, perfects the scientific method, the criteria to be obeyed so that something is seen as scientific, to reach systematic, necessary and objective knowledge. Then, each science if occupies of a specific objective, initiating a process of spalling of knowing and to the few they appear particular sciences (Physical, Chemical, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, etc.). The Industrial Revolution, sc. XVIII, it shows to the expansion of the power bourgeois, giving to the world ' ' progresso' ' raises science to the status of only valid knowledge. Therefore the criteria of natural sciences would have all to be extended and to the any field of investigation human being. In this context, Augustus Comte (1990) opposing it the forms of common knowing when explaining the world, develops the positivismo, where positive state means maturity of the human spirit and if reached the humanity it passed for others two states, theological and Metaphysical and alone then, the positive.

For this reason, the myths had started to be walk beyond products of the imagination human being and they would not have to consider any direction, them if they classify in it are more inferior, the theological one. It is then that the myth that represented, in the primrdios, the only truth on the quarrels that surrounded the minds human beings summarized it mere artistic expression. However, Freud, great studious of the behavior, considered a father of the psychoanalysis, even so with strong influence of the mechanist thoughts of century XIX, when studying the relation between the child and its parents, found the wealth of meanings gifts in myths and called Complex dipo, one of its bigger theories. In accordance with the tragedy ' ' dipo Rei' ' , of Sfocles, dipo was the son of Laios, king of Tebas, and its Jocasta wife.

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