The sources of external conscription are; conscription in university, employment agencies, media, competition, customers, Headhunters (hunting of talentos) or agencies of conscription. This type of conscription brings the following advantages for the company: it brings new ideas for the organization, renews and it enriches the human resources of the organization. On the other hand, it presents the following disadvantages: the abilities and characteristics of personality of the candidates are unknown, the process is longer and expensive and requires greater investment in the process of adaptation of the new collaborator. It has the possibility of this type of conscription to exert an impact on the satisfaction, the motivation and the perception of the internal team, that already possessed a work routine that, probably, will be affected by the entrance of new employees. Such impact can be positive or negative, depending on as it is the routine, the satisfaction, the motivation and the perception of the team, in relation to the novices, together with the type of reception or integration that the organization generally carries through in the entrance of these new employees. The order of the techniques must be studied to dry the process, of form that this is efficient, but without demanding extreme time to the candidates and the selecting and without generating a bigger responsibility the organization. If the organization perceives that election processes are not having the waited result, can devaluate such processes, finishing for conceiving them, some times, as expensive, long and unsatisfactory, harming the paper of the psychologist in the work organizations. After being duly analyzed all the stages of the process, selected the candidates most apt and to be taken the decision of the act of contract, the contracted employee must be presented the organization, in order to reduce the possibilities of occured frustrations in function of its initial process of envolvement in the new social system in which he is being inserted. .

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