Online Costume Carnival compares 5 online shops for LLC +++ product range, prices and delivery times vary +++ hundreds costumes on the Internet available +++ HAMBURG, February 1st –, the portal for cross-industry tests in the Internet, has examined five online shops for costumes and Carnival supplies and compared. The result shows that’s worth the portal comparison for consumers: prices, as well as the range and the delivery times differ on the five tested stores significantly. Test winner of the shop is awarded the judgment “good” Carnival In less than three weeks, it’s time: the stupid driving of Carnival culminates on Rosenmontag (20 February). Who is planning to travel, Carnival in one of the German carnival strongholds needs a reasonable Panel in any case.

But where should you take that, if one does not live in the vicinity of a costume rental? How about an online order? has the offer of five leading German costume shops compared, so there are no nasty surprises when purchasing Panel. The shop Carnival (2.0) wins the test very thin layer before (also, 2.0). Especially the largest assortment catapulted Carnival at the top of the field. Third place goes to (2.1), the store with the lowest average prices. The other places are occupied by (2.4) and (2.6). The got but boasts the second-best prices, but it is weak in the range when compared. Conclusion: Four out of five costume shops ship ordered goods within only two days.

An express shipping could hardly beat that. Only award winner takes significantly longer What is worthwhile in any case, is the price comparison: the cost for a simple outfit vary depending on the provider for up to 25 euro. Customers should also keep shipping in the eye, because only two of the stores offer a free delivery from a certain value of goods. Consistently well rated was the telephone customer service, there was always a competent advice. The hotlines were either free or cheap fixed-line numbers. When returning, provided the best service, a return sticker amounted to the same ordering. Information about the test with detailed price comparison: kostuem stores-comparison / company description on the independent comparison portal is since 2009 online and belongs to the site portfolio of Internet GmbH. Every other week, a new online supplier comparative test will be published on In this test, consumers learn what portal in Internet performance, value for money and customer service front has the nose. Pro test up to ten of a comparable service providers are thoroughly examined and evaluated individually. A team of professional, experienced journalists performs the tests. Overall, already more comparative than 400 individual tests conducted on one that is aha.

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