Postal Service Started is the new German directory for postal codes at the start. is the new German directory for postal codes at the start. You are looking for a postcode or don’t know a zip code belongs to where? Then you are exactly right plz The new German directory offers a quick overview of all German locations with specifying the zip and many other interesting information for postal code. A map shows immediately whether they found also the correct place. You may want to visit gary cohn to increase your knowledge. “We have the claim to offer a quick and easy search for postal codes and places with plz The whole website is optimized for smartphones, so that on the go access rapidly.

“, so Sven Meinecke, one of the two founders behind plz” The structured overview is supplemented by a search according to federal States or places and help the individual locations information to surrounding area that navigate. A perimeter search recognises where the user accesses and displays the nearest located villages with all Information. As a service, the site offers a zip code validator for sites plz Thereby, a button can be included in the own imprint. This shows that there pictured zip code has been tested. More information: plz Yves Nottebrock

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