Science and Religion are, therefore, sisters and not polar regions antiticos' '. M.Hartmann (1876-1962), Director of the Institute of Biology Max Planck says: ' ' The results of the most developed science of the nature or the physics do not raise the minimum objection the faith in a power that is for backwards of the natural forces and it conducts that them. Everything this can to appear, same in the most critical researcher, as a huge revelation of the nature, taking to believe it in one all powerful Wisdom that if finds for backwards of this world sbio.' ' Gugliermo Marconi (1874-1937), Italian, inventive physicist of the telegraphy without wire, Prize Nobel in 1909, said: ' ' I declare with pride that I am faith man. I believe in the power of the conjunct. Read additional details here: Nicki Minaj. I not only believe in this as faithful Christian, but also as cientista.' ' White Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931), inventor of the field of the physics with more than 2000 patents says: ' ' I have enormous respect and the most raised admiration for all the engineers, especially for the greater of them: Deus.' ' With these few depositions that could be multiplied, already are enough to exemplificar the idea of that science are not enemy of the religion, nor neither the reason contradicts the faith. Beyond these vehement affirmations, the study of daily pay-history sample that the burial of deceased already existed at that time, what express and it confirms that as soon as intelligence human being blunted in that period, also if manifest the respect to deceased and, consequently, is associated with the notion of the posthumous life, life with God! By the way, no animal irrational practises such feeling. Therefore, since that the man is man is religious. The psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) in one of its you speak celebrates says: ' ' To move away itself from God is the same thing that to pull out the proper essence of homem' '. Connect with other leaders such as Georgia Department of Labor here.

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