Real Estate In Hamburg Future-proof Investment

FSE Platinum AG gives Hamburg investment property to private investors Hamburg June 2010. Real estate investments in Hamburg and the surrounding area of Hamburg remain a very sought-after plant in 2010. Asked to be especially return objects from the region, who can expect a long term excellent rental potential and lucrative value or rental price increases. The FSE Platinum AG informs about up-to-date figures on the real estate market in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony and introduces her consulting and teaching portfolio. The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is becoming increasingly attractive as an investment destination for savvy real estate investors.

Several recent studies and statistics took this over the past few months. A prominent Hamburg real estate company reported even a forty percent increase in the mediation success recently for the year 2009. And already, there are indications that demand in 2010 and 2011 should attract Hamburg throughout the region for exclusive housing in sought after locations. This proof system options, include hamburger residential real estate the is currently offer the private investor. But what are the reasons for the appeal of the Hamburg region as Anlagestandort in particular? According to the FSE Platinum AG right now speaks a variety of convincing arguments for a real estate investment in the Hanseatic City. A key factor is the constant positive value development of upscale residential properties in the area of Hamburg, which is a direct consequence of the supply constraints, as well as the high standards of the specific tenants clientele.

At the same time keeps the building due to the few suitable building plots within limits. As a result, By an average six percent the prices for apartments in Hamburg has risen in recent times per year, as shown by recent data surveys of FSE Platinum AG according to. Parallel, also the rent prices are a rising and that not just in the inner city areas. Even in the more distant surroundings, noticeable increases can be stated: nine to 15 per cent increasing rental prices aren’t in cities and counties around Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony, Germany Rarity; especially coveted positions have grown earnings on rent by about 20 percent as current figures, which are the FSE Platinum AG. Currently, the FSE Platinum AG on the Hamburg real estate market is increasingly active and gives promising return objects from the region directly to private customers. The mediation activity of FSE Platinum AG focuses on mainly residential properties, which are already regularly rented and generate regular rental income therefore immediately after purchase. Interested investors can be informed by the team of FSE Platinum AG under the telephone number + 49 40 88 88 85-0 about current objects and appropriate financing. Personal consulting and appointments with the FSE Platinum AG can be arranged also by telephone. About Platinum AG FSE FSE Platinum AG is the nationwide since 2003 as an intermediary in the area of insurance, mutual funds and Edelmetallsparplane. The sector complements the wide range of AG FSE Platinum real estate currently The team of the FSE Platinum AG practiced four-stages structured Advisory and analysis concept, with which the individual product needs of clients cannot be determined accurately in the customer service. The mediation of FSE Platinum AG is independent of banks and insurance companies. The FSE Platinum AG currently maintains offices in Hamburg, Bremen and Cologne. Hamburg is the main headquarters of the FSE Platinum AG. Contact FSE Platinum AG Detlef Wagner at the drop Tower 5 28359 Bremen Tel.: + 49 40 88 88 85-17 fax: + 49 40 88 88 85 12 E-Mail: Internet:

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